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Jamberry Review

29 Dec


A friend of mine was having one of those Jamberry parties virtually via Facebook. I thought hey why not give it a go and see what the fuss is all about! I went into this with zero expectations, as I had basically just learned of these at the time the party was being held. For those new to the concept, they are basically vinyl nail wraps that adhere to your nails by heat. They are an alternative to nail polish, or standard manicures/pedicures.

Jamberry Nail Wrap in – CARMEN OMBRE

It was fun to be able to attend a virtual party, there were games, prizes, pics and lots of interaction from the host, the attendees and the Jamberry consultant. Having a jamberry party is similar to a party lights, scentsy, etc… where in the host is eligible for gifts and discounts with some contingencies. I believe they get a gift out of the gate, and additional ones based upon how many sales there were from the party being held, as well as additional ones if others book parties with the consultant from this party.

Overall Thoughts:

I was shipped a Jamberry aka Jams sample to try. The sample contained only one wrap-pre cut, and it basically was meant for my pinky finger [well sorta it wasn’t an exact size match, so the sides weren’t all covered and started lifting up].  There’s some prep work involved, before application of the wraps.

Jamberry Wrap Sheet – in FIRST FROST

You want to clean your nails of any old polish, trim your nails, file them.  The consultant gave some tips and said you can buff the tops of your nails a bit to make the surface a wee bit rough, wash your hands, then use an alcohol wipe to clean the nail bed surface of any residual oils that would prevent the wrap from adhering well. There are plenty of youtube videos out there with demonstrations which was quite helpful. You can use either the jamberry heater or a hair dryer to apply the nail wrap. In my case I was using my hair dryer.

Jamberry Mini Heater

There are many methods for application and removal. There are the official standard methods, and then many of the extra tips and tricks to add in. Plenty of How-To videos on youtube. I certainly did not feel at a loss for guidance :). I ordered a full sheet, I figured hey benefit of the doubt. Maybe an actual set will work out fine and it was just since the sample wasn’t an exact size match was why it was lifting. Wrong! It took such a long time to attempt best fitting sizes cut to try a match up for my nailbeds. I felt like the amount of time I spent on this was longer than it would take to just paint my nails. No time savings here ladies. I also kept running into the issue of rough spots and having to keep nail files with me or nail trimmers to correct the rough spots.


Carmen Ombre Jamberry




  • They last longer than a standard manicure does for me, [unless I get a gel manicure].
  • Lots of designs and themes to choose from, 200+. Solids, Ombre, Prints, many finishes, even sports team designs!
  • You can even design your own wraps, from their nail art studio!
  • Enough wraps on the sheet for multiple manicures/pedicures.
  • Versatility, you can have accent nails, and the rest be polished, you can put polish underneath some of clear lacey ones, or just go for a full set of one color/pattern.
  • Junior nail sets for children.


  • The ill-fitting sample made it a little hard to gauge how well these would stay on.
  • A bit difficult to put on.
  • Don’t exactly fit my nails well even after purchasing a full set.
  • Nailbed health was diminished after removal of the wrap.
  • The amount of time spent on application was more than me painting my nails.

Final Thoughts:

One of the biggest complaints I had was that the sides would lift up and become stuck in my long hair when I would brush/wash/style my hair. My nails are quite curved and not flat. Other online reviews with similar nail types concurred. After I removed the wrap my nails were brittle, thin, and felt weird and painful. I would not purchase these again. I thought on screen the wraps looked great, once I received them I thought some of them looked a bit cheap and not like a real manicure.




Additional Product Info:

Jamberry Nails was created by three sisters after an expensive afternoon at the nail salon. After their outing they vowed to find a simpler, more cost effective way to keep their hands looking polished and thus Jamberry was born.


$15.00-17$ USD for standard wrap sheets

$18.75 USD Jamberry Nail Art Studio [upload your own images and design custom nail wraps]

The site additionally offers nail care items which start at $10.00 USD


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