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Beauty Travel Tips

1 Nov

Since I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately I figured why not make a post about beauty tips and traveling.

When traveling by plane there is a weight restriction on baggage, and restrictions on what size of toiletries you can bring in your carry on. To keep things as light as possible, avoid taking full-sized products, I try to look at alternatives and ways to cut down the chaos.


  • I pre-moisten my cotton balls with toner.
  • Bring along all those assorted free sample sized items [free with online Sephora orders]. Moisturizer, perfume etc…
  • Lotion/face moisturizer can also double to tame hair frizzes.- The wee bit on hands after moisturizing your face works great in place of hair product.
  • If I can get it local why bother to bring it.

What tips or tricks do you utilize when you travel?




PoshFest New Items have been added!

14 Aug
Closet Items

Posh[Mark]Fest: New Items From The Closet

15 Sep

New items curated from my closet. On sale now in poshmark. All orders come with a free beauty gift from Sephora!

Keep checking back for more items, you never know when something new will strike your fancy!


Ribbet collage


PoshFest: More Items From My Closet

23 Aug

New items curated from my closet. On sale now in poshmark. All orders come with a free beauty gift from Sephora!

Keep checking back for more items, you never know when something new will strike your fancy!



Curating Items From My Closet

13 Aug

New items curated from my closet. On sale now in poshmark.

Keep checking back for more items, you never know when something new will strike your fancy!



Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

7 Jul

Revive Your Old or Uncomfortable Shoes with Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles. Adding comfort and shock absorption to your shoe and easy on the wallet.


With it being summer, its been flip flop season. Summer is a short season where I’m at, so putting on closed toed shoes to test these out at this time of year was certainly a challenge in itself.

Now I’ve used Dr. Scholls Massaging Insoles, and other Dr Scholls products in the past. So I am no stranger to the brand and the product. In the past I have used these in boots, or sneakers, so I thought hey why not try them in a pair of mules that normally hurt my feet.


Overall thoughts:

The Install:
I had to trim the insole down just a bit to match my shoe size. This was to be expected, and not a product of manufacturer fault by any means. They send the insoles with the option to customize it to your shoe /  foot size. It took a little bit of shimmying to get it in place to fit just so. Again to be expected with any type of similar product.


The Price:
I have seen these at drug stores such as CVS or Target for $9-$10 USD.

The insole made the sole of my foot more comfortable and I didn’t experience any pain there like I normally would.

The inside of  my shoe did not have as much room for my foot, so it was a bit of a tight fit. So while the underside of my foot/instep/sole did not have any pain, regrettably by the end of the day I had blisters on my toes.

I tested with a pair of ballet slippers style shoes, but immediately had to take them out due to lack of space for my foot in the shoe. Additionally  they made the shoe become really wide as if a wide / thick foot was in place. Once I took the insole out the shoe returned to normal and I could fit my foot inside. I was disappointed I would not be able to use these in the ballet slipper since I can’t walk any great distances due to foot pain and them rubbing on my toes. Perhaps there is another product out there for these instances.


Final Thoughts:
I would use these in other shoes such as sneakers or boots,but apparently they are just not a good fit for mules or ballet slippers.  I have had excellent results in boots. The insoles in those have lasted me for years. They have held up under hours of walking through amusement parks and the stress of dancing the night away.




I gave the Massaging Gel Insoles a 4, because its a quality product, just not perfect for all shoe types.


This product was provide to me for free by Being a BzzAgent. #gotitfree


20$ off Toms Shoes – The shoes that give back

7 Jul

Sharing is Caring!

Since I purchased my first pair of Toms Shoes, the shoes that give back. I wanted to share with you a coupon code for 20$ off an order for you dear friends.








5 Jul

I just recently discovered the world of Poshmark and created an account.

For those of you who are not familiar either its an online site where you can resell Women’s Clothes, Jewelry, Accessories, Shoes etc… The fees are considerably less than Ebay allowing you to keep 80% of the sale price. With perks such as free shipping how can you resist?

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for uploads of items and goodies, then comeback & check out my closet!

For more info check out their FAQ https://poshmark.com/faq

List of Make Up and Product Sampling Programs

30 Mar

Since its fun to try new things, and because I like to be organized, I wanted to assemble a list of  Make-Up & Product Sampling services that I could easily reference from one location. I decided to post and share my findings along with some notes. In my research I found that others had been looking for the same type of information. I found some of this info in magazines around my flat, and others were from on-line beauty message boards. I removed a few sites who didn’t seem to be around any longer. If you know of any new ones to add to this list, please comment.


Beauty Related

In the US:

  • Beauty Army ($12 monthly)
    Not yet launched. Choose up to six items per month.
  • Beautyfix ($49.99 quarterly)
    Create a profile and select up to eight items. Items may range from drugstore items like Caress body wash to salon brands like Jonathan product.
  • Birchbox ($10 monthly)
    You get between 4 to 6 samples sometimes deluxe size, sometimes full size and sometimes mini size. For each item you get you can review the item and receive 10 points. Accumulate 100 points and you get $10 off almost any purchase (some restrictions on certain items, see Birchbox for more info). You can stack your points to but points DO expire within 365 days. You also get 50 points if you get people to sign up via referral link and they become a subscriber or place an order with Birchbox.
  • Cravebox ($10 monthly) You get 4 to 5 samples ranging in size from full, deluxe and sample size products.
  • GoGoGirlfriend ($12.95 monthly for a box each month OR $6.99 monthly and you’ll get a box every other month)
    There are two options for GGG – either pay $12.95 and get a box monthly (12 boxes per year) or pay $6.99 monthly and get a box every two months (6 boxes per year). Items in the box vary from ELF Cosmetics to indy companies.
  • Goodebox For Eco-conscious Beauty Trial Size Samples, $16 USD per month.
  • Julep ($19.99 monthly)
    Hand, nail and foot care subscription based in Seattle, WA.
  • Makeup Monthly ($30 monthly)
  • MyGlam ($10 monthly) – Launched November 2011
    This one is new and is by Michelle Phan & Jessica Harlow. Like Birchbox it’s a subscription beauty company that sends out “four to five new beauty products each month in a cute makeup bag“. From My Glam’s FAQs, “Glam Bags are shipped on the last day of every month via USPS mail“.
  • New Beauty’s Test Tube ($29.95 + $8.95 shipping, quarterly [every three months])
    This subscription service not only sends out deluxe size samples but also full size products. Unlike many other subscription companies this one is sent out once per quarter. 1st Quarter: Jan, Feb, Mar; 2nd Quarter: Apr, May, Jun; 3rd Quarter: Jul, Aug, Sep; 4th Quarter Oct, Nov, Dec.
  • New Beauty’s Test Tube at QVC (auto renewal or one time only). $29.96 + $6.97 shipping/handling (+ tax if your state has tax)
    Exactly like New Beauty except this is a QVC version filled with products sold on QVC. Also sold on a quarterly basis. If the links do not work it means they pulled the page due to the product selling out and will not have the page back up until near the start of the next quarter.
  • Sample Society Caters to on-the-go professionals who want only the best of beauty

For Men:

  • His Black Box ($12 monthly)
    For men… or women who like men’s products. Set up a profile and get four to five deluxe size samples designed for men.
  • Birchbox Man This may actually NOT be a subscription service for men but rather the limited edition box.

In Canada:

In the UK:

  • GlossyBox (£10 monthly + £2.95 shipping/handling)
  • Amarya Beauty Box (£10 monthly or £120 yearly.) If you subscribe to the yearly plan the entire £120 will be billed to your bank or credit card. Like Birchbox, you’re awarded points and in Amarya’s case you’re awarded 120 points if you pay for a year in advance PLUS you get a Santaverde Gift set work £56.
  • Boudoir Prive (£10 monthly) Also similar to other beauty box subscription services you get between 5 to 6 samples each month and earn loyalty points.
  • Carmine (£10 per month + pp* or £110 yearly)
    Receive 5 exclusive beauty products selected by their expert. Postage and packaging is an additional £2.75 per box.
  • Feel Unique Beauty Box (£9.95 monthly) According to their site they “send your unique Beauty Box during the first week of every month, filled with 5 deluxe-sized beauty products, plus a bonus beauty sample for extra unique-measure!”
  • Latest In Beauty (starts at £1 monthly) Now this one is definitely different as they offer three different types of boxes starting at £1 monthly.
    1. The beauty box for only £1 box includes only three samples.
    2. The luxury box you get to choose your products. Price? Unknown.
    3. The themed boxes are offered only six times a year and I believe this box is £4.95.

    “What is the difference between the Monthly Beauty Box and Luxury Samples? This is the answer given in the FAQs, “The Monthly Beauty Box contains small samples (usually sachets or small vials) so you can test out a product a couple of times to get a feel for it. These are provided free of charge – we only ask that you pay a small contribution towards postage and packing. The luxury samples are much larger – similar to travel size products – and allow you to try products for longer. Because they’re bigger and more expensive to send, we have to charge a little more for them.” It’s kind of odd how payment is made as it’s done via text-messaging. Anyone have a Latest In Beauty subscription?

In Australia:

  • Lust Have It (AU $14.95 monthly or $160 for 12 months) – Launched October 2011
    This is the most similar to Birchbox right down to awarding of points to redeem for $10 off a purchase. Delivery is for Australia and Tasmania only. At time time I do not know if they ship to New Zealand or not.
  • BellaBox Australia (AU $45.00 every three months)
    Get 4 to 5 samples monthly.

In France:

  • Joliebox (10€ monthly + 3€ shipping)
    The site is in French and is for those in France. What you get are 4 to 5 miniature high-end cosmetics (“mini-products, formats and even travel large formats from time to time“) plus a magazine. There is a loyalty program but I’m not sure how theirs works.

Beside beauty subscription/sampling boxes there are other types of subscription and sampling services to choose from ranging from clothing to shoes to even children’s toys. The following include some of the well know subscription and sampling services out there. With the popularity of subscription services booming this list will continue to grow.


  • Stylemint ($29.99 monthly)
    The styling powerhouse known as the Olson twins are back! Stylemint is their latest venture where they will be designing and releaing a new t-shirt each month! (Credit to Melanie for the tip! :D)



  • JustFab ($39.95 monthly)
    Similar to Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Dazzle this one is by supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons. Shoe size 5½ to 11. First purchase is 50% off.
  • Shoe Mint
    $79.98 monthly you can opt to skip if you don’t like a pair of shoes. Steve Madden, Rachel Bilson, and Nicole Chavez are the designers of the shoes. Opened November 2011.
  • Shoe Dazzle ($39.95 monthly, can skip before the 5th of each month.)
    Owned by Kim Kardashian, this is was among the first of the product subscription services that I heard about. I’ve been a member since 2008 and while I haven’t purchased each month I have loved the shoes I’ve purchased from there including my exercise shoes which cost over $60 at other stores. In early 2011 they began to offer more than just shoes and handbags and now offer jewelry, haircare/cosmetic products (during the Dazzle Deal) among other items. From time to time they also have 2 pairs for $39.95.
  • Sole Society ($49.95 monthly, also can skip the month before the 5th of each month.)
    Exactly like Shoe Dazzle in that it’s shoes but it’s $10 more. Styles are practically identical to Shoe Dazzle but sometimes they have some much more cute styles.
  • Shoe Privee ($39.95 monthly) You can earn “Rewards Points” to redeem for Shoe Privee credit. 1000 = 1 credit. Buy 1 pair of shoes at $39.95 and get 100 points (2.5 points earned per dollar spent). Earn 250 points when you referred someone and makes their first purchase.


  • Conscious Box ($12 monthly + $7 shipping)
    Similar to Eco-Emi.
  • Eco-Emi ($15 monthly includes shipping)
    Keep in mind that Eco-Emi doesn’t just send out beauty products but other products that are environmentally friendly products ranging from food to health products to household items.
  • GoodGuide Provides green ratings for over 120,000 products, personal items, and set up preferences.
  • Skin Deep Provides information on over 79,000 Environmental Skin products and safety.


  • Blissmobox ($19 monthly)
    Blissmobox ships out organic and eco-friendly products. Unlike other companies you can either let them pick out products for you or you can pick products to try.
  • Foodzie ($19.99 monthly)
  • Like Blissmobox this company also ships out food related products. Unlike Blissmobox you don’t get to choose.

Toys and Miscellaneous products

  • Babbaco ($29.99 monthly)
    Items for infants and children.


Giveaway Winner Announcement

18 Jan

Thank you to everyone who is following me and for those who stopped by to participate in the first [of more to come] cupboard cleanout giveaway! I entered in all those who liked the post [in the various places I posted] and helped spread the word. Using a randomizer I input all the names, drumroll please…and our winner is:





Hey LesleyCarter , please email me the shipping address to where I can send your goodies to! =)

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