Greetings! Rea Curry here with a site dedicated to my “Rants, Raves, and Reviews” of anything and everything. I look forward to sharing my experiences and thoughts with you to either recommend, or save you the hassles that come from trying new products, places, food/drinks, etc… you get the idea. No favoritism towards a specific category of items here, I will share with you whatever it is I happen to be trying today.

Who am I you ask? Just a girl full of ambition, hopes and dreams. Someone who feels the need to share my thoughts on a regular basis. A real person sharing real reviews. Take a look around, come back often and enjoy.

New Rating System implemented 11/23/2012:

Rating System Explanations:

5 Stars: Loved it! Highly Recommend!

4 Stars: Really Liked It. Give it a try!

3 Stars: Liked It. It’s okay or I’m on the fence.

2 Stars: Didn’t Like It. Meh! So-So, below average.

1 Star: Hated it! Do not recommend! Disappointed, save your money.


  • Unless specifically noted I am neither affiliated with nor do I represent the companies of any of the items being reviewed in this site. The purpose of my reviews are to provide a real unbiased opinion from a real person.
  • Please note that compensation in the form of a “free” product does NOT effect my opinions in any way. I do not give a favorable review just for receiving a product for free.
  • I strive to provide 100% honest opinions and authentic feedback about any of the items or products being reviewed herein.
  • Users of products take responsibilities for their actions, therefore I am not held accountable or liable for your actions. I do not accept any liability from the purchase or use of any products reviewed on this blog.
  • Thoughts here are my own and do not reflect the opinions of the companies themselves.
  • I am not provided any monetary compensation or otherwise.

That said I am a member of buzzagent.com which means I periodically join certain Word of Mouth Marketing campaigns to test out a product provided to me for free or at a discounted rate in order to analyze, and provide honest feed back on my thoughts and experiences. I will notate if the item was provided for this purpose. Other items I purchase with my own money and am not provided compensation or reimbursement.

I am open to sponsorship’s from brands or to reviewing products. Not only is it a great opportunity for me to try new products, but gives the readers the chance to here a real review from a real person. If you would like to sponsor me please contact me: either in the form below or send an email to rea.m.curry at gmail.com


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